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No Limits on Your Leadership!

》Courageous Conversations matter.  

》Good leaders demonstrate leadership through their words and deeds.

》Great leadership restores, repairs, rebuilds and reinvigorates an individual and the organization.  

》Courageous Conversations & Coaching helps you build intentional tools and competencies that improve the impact you have as an individual and member of a dynamic team.

》Courageous Conversations & Coaching services are custom, creative and complete to jumpstart your success.


MY STORY:   Coach. Trainer. Facilitator. Activist. Cynthia Butler brings over 35 years of federal, community and faith-based activism and training experience to her current role of entrepreneur, senior consultant, human capital strategist, personal coach, lead trainer and facilitator.

CORE VALUES:  Integrity. Trust. Strength.  Working to emphasize the importance of expertise, talent and faith for supportive community success. 

OUR COMMITMENT: Equity. Community. Sustainment. 

Ms. Butler’s masters’ degree in organizational leadership (MSOL) utilizes theoretical insights and data to create practical, creative, and engaging coaching and training models.  



The Courageous Coaching & Conversations model strengthens the impact of current and evolving competencies.  

Ally Education Services Lead the Way.  

The Compassion Opportunity Respect Engagement (C.O.R.E.) Ally model, created by Ms. Butler, identifies opportunities to mitigate and manage conflict, racial bias, while building community. The interactive coaching model is designed to help all communities that are experiencing increased episodes of intolerance by eliminating these challenges thru peer-to-peer interactions.



Courageous Coaching and Conversations offers one-on-one personal development, team and organizational coaching and training. Our proven techniques and strategies lean into people-centered environments that seek improvement. We help organizations to get out of their own way, creating sustainable career and community success. 

Below is a sampling of available services.

Individual Coaching

Professional Development

Work on Me 1st!

Ask Myself the Tough Questions

Open Up, Learn, Grow 

How to Be Courageous and Kind

Why I Must Listen More Than I Speak

Team Coaching

Strengthening Teams 

"Best Ever" Team Components

What Must We Do to Grow

How Do We Tell Each Other the Truth 

Diversity Challenges Kill Teams

Sustaining Team Dynamics 



Organizational Workshops

We Are Great...Just Not Always

Conflict Must Be Managed

Speaking Truth to Power is Tricky

Organizations WILL Struggle 

Fight, Grow, Celebrate

Bench Strength Coaching  





Join other satisfied clients who gain the confidence and business acumen that comes with effectively communicating.

The ability to reach your goals depends on the choices you make today. Contact us to begin the journey.

Business Meeting


Our clients continue to benefit from this and other services. It’s time to transform your employees and the organization. 

Courageous Coaching and Conversations is here to give you the tools you need in order to succeed.

Business Meeting


Get focused on your target challenges and make better, more informed business decisions.

Book these services today to discover what positive change really feels like.



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